You know what the question of the day has been for me?
“Will there be a Book 2???”
Ideally, book 2 will be out in June.
This series (and – horrifyingly – large chunks of many of the stories I’ve written) is being transferred from handscribbled journals (this was really convenient to jot in when I was at work but now I’m kinda crying because I have AWFUL handwriting) but tentatively, it’d be fabulous if I could get a story put up every few months.



16 thoughts on “BOOK 2 COMING… JUNE??

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  1. The story despite (or thanks to?) being of one more alien abduction just completely blew my mind!
    Please keep writing. Your sense of humor and writing skills are great!

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  2. I’m so happy I stumbled across
    This book! I am so in love with it! And to find out there will be a book 2….YES!!!! I can’t wait! thank you so much!

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  3. Loved the book, read it all in one sitting. I read quite a bit and a lot from this genre and your book is one of the ones that stand out to me. Enjoyed the story line and characters, especially the humorous elements.

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  4. I truly enjoyed this book – power read in one day. There are so many characters that I would like to see how their storylines go. I would love to learn more about the Gryfala, their hobs and world. I would not mind a few hobs of my own. Looking forward to the second book!


    1. I would not mind a few hobs of my own. Looking forward to the second book!
      ♥♥♥ =D I am so happy you enjoyed it!! And love for the #Teamhobs YAAAAY!!! I am looking forward to sharing more about them


  5. Omg! I am just about done reading Stolen by an Alien and can’t wait for the next book or any other book to release by this author! Fantastic!!!


    1. =D *Hugs* THANK YOU! I’m so glad you are enjoying Stolen so much and are looking forward to the next book in the series – AND that you’d like to see what else I’ve written! I’ve got a list I’d like to release over the next few months but not all are alien/sci fi so I’m hoping they get just as sweet a reception as you and everyone else has made for my very first book ♥ THANK YOU!!


    1. I’ve got to tell you: coolest comment I’ve gotten today. THANK YOU for taking the time to tell me, and to leave feedback!! It’s EVERYTHING; definitely, *definitely* worth it to me =D
      ♥ Much appreciated,


    1. XD LOL You made my day! AND HERE’S SOME HAPPY NEWS FOR YOURS: Rescued by an Alien has had the PUBLISH button hit!
      …buuut… it can take up to 72 hours.
      It’d really be great if Amazon punts it through tonight so that everyone who has awesomely (yeah; not-a-real-word. So?) been waiting can have their book *in the same month I promised*. =D
      I would LOVE that.


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