Zadeon’s Story is HERE!

Zadeon’s story is here…

RESCUED by an Alien is LIVE!




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When my human mate was auctioned, she was sold to a savage lot of aliens.

I rescued her body from her tormentors.

But her mind…

She is hurt.

She’s afraid I will abandon her; but I’ve been waiting all my life for my mate.

I am not going to walk away. I’m going to help her heal.

And I will help her fight for us.


****Content WARNING: For readers 18 years and older *!* Contains explicit sexual situations, dark themes, sensitive subjects, and violence.



THANK YOU for making Stolen by an Alien a success ♥  THANK YOU for the reviews, thank you for telling your friends, thank you for spreading the word everywhere.
I hope you love Rescued by an Alien – thank you for being so excited for Zadeon’s story! ♥

*adjusts caffeine drip* For those of you who are Penny Reid fans, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say she’s a hoot.  Each newsletter she puts out, she’s got a clever line about Typos.  For example:
I’m not sorry for the typos. They make me human in a world of machines…
;D  LOL – I am sorry for the typos, but she does make me feel better for being human.
I love you all and here’s one more THANK YOU for the road ♥  YOU’RE THE BEST♥

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