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last chance

It’s been too scary to even think about this, like the act of contemplating it means I’m thinking too highly of myself.😅 But you keep sending me encouraging notes, telling me the *stories* are worth more – YOU feel they are worth it.😍 There’s a logic in what you’re saying, as most of you have pointed out: a higher price reads as a higher perceived value to newcomers to the series.
I’d love to write as a job, I want to do this, I LOVE this, and you’re giving me the CHANCE to make this work. I’m taking it.
For everyone who has supported me, I’m sending this as a shout-out: grab these two before the price goes up if you haven’t already, and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for loving them and for telling me so 
You’re the BEST.




Podcast Interview with Sci Fi & Fantasy Marketing Show

I was invited to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast !♥!

Although this is geared towards the industry for authors & aspiring authors, I thought I’d share it here, in case you’d like to see.  THANK YOU FOR BUYING MY STORIES: I love you.
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Won by an Alien is LIVE

AND  *you* made it a #1 Best Seller.


This is the latest story in the Alien Mates series.  It can technically be read as a standalone and is on special sale for only 99 cents.  (It is also free with Kindle Unlimited!)  Be sure to check it out before the price goes up to $3.99.

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Zadeon’s Story is HERE!

Zadeon’s story is here…

RESCUED by an Alien is LIVE!




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When my human mate was auctioned, she was sold to a savage lot of aliens.

I rescued her body from her tormentors.

But her mind…

She is hurt.

She’s afraid I will abandon her; but I’ve been waiting all my life for my mate.

I am not going to walk away. I’m going to help her heal.

And I will help her fight for us.


****Content WARNING: For readers 18 years and older *!* Contains explicit sexual situations, dark themes, sensitive subjects, and violence.



THANK YOU for making Stolen by an Alien a success ♥  THANK YOU for the reviews, thank you for telling your friends, thank you for spreading the word everywhere.
I hope you love Rescued by an Alien – thank you for being so excited for Zadeon’s story! ♥

*adjusts caffeine drip* For those of you who are Penny Reid fans, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say she’s a hoot.  Each newsletter she puts out, she’s got a clever line about Typos.  For example:
I’m not sorry for the typos. They make me human in a world of machines…
;D  LOL – I am sorry for the typos, but she does make me feel better for being human.
I love you all and here’s one more THANK YOU for the road ♥  YOU’RE THE BEST♥

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